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Because of Corona Virus, the English Premier League Plans to Emulate the World Cup

English Premier League plans to change the format of the tournament into a mini tournament commonly used in the World Cup to complete the rest of the 2019/2020 season competition, this is due to the corona virus pandemic that is happening right now.

The idea to use the format of the world cup is often discussed at a time when football authorities in the UK are working on a number of ideas that will be used to finish the rest of the season’s matches. This option is considered as the most reasonable choice in order to resolve the competition that is being disrupted due to the corona virus outbreak.

The plan, the players and officials will be isolated in a hotel and separated from their families, just as was done at the international World Cup tournament. The match will be held in private for the audience. In addition to the players and officials, all devices involved in the competition such as journalists and cameramen will also be isolated. Previously, a thorough test would be conducted to anticipate the spread of the corona virus. This is done because if there is only one case of corona virus, then all plans will fall apart.

This idea strengthened to overcome the financial problems being experienced by the club. This is because this discourse is believed to be a big event for television. The English Premier League is preparing a plan to broadcast all the remaining matches which are 92 matches. Some matches are planned to be held for one day in June and July. This plan will most likely be approved by the government because football matches can be entertainment for residents when the quarantine period is extended. This is also affect betting company in terms of matches that can be played, because it must be an official football match, one of the example is Sbobet Terpercaya di Indonesia that limiting betting amount in this difficult season.

Harry Kane who is also a striker from the Tottenham Hotspur club believes that the Premier League must be completed by the end of June, if until the end of June cannot be completed then the 2019/2020 season should be canceled.

At present the world is struggling to overcome the spread of the increasingly severe corona virus. Latest information reported by John Hopkins University that there are 684,652 cases of corona virus throughout the world with death rates reaching 32,113 people and 145,696 recovered. This pandemic has stalled soccer competition on the European continent for a while including the Premier League. Conditions in the UK itself are increasingly precarious after the existence of the royal family and prime minister Boris Johnson is infected with the corona virus.
Manchester City said it was ready to lend the Etihad Stadium in an effort to fight the corona virus outbreak, where part of the stadium area will be used by the British Health Service (NHS). Man City has also offered Etihad Stadium to the National Health Service to be used in order to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Previously, in England there was a stadium owned by Watford, Vicarage Road, which also opened access for health workers.

Based on reports received, the conference room and executive room at Etihad Stadium will be used for training nurses during the corona virus crisis. Etihad Stadium will not be used for a while because the Premier League match schedule is postponed until at least April 30th.

Currently in the city of Manchester is being built a temporary hospital located in the Manchester Central Convention Complex which is located in the center of the city. The construction of a temporary hospital is intended to anticipate if there is a surge in infected people. In the United Kingdom alone there have been reported more than 17,000 cases of the corona virus with a thousand deaths. Football celebrities in England roll in to give assistance to their abilities.

Start MotoGP 2020 There Is Still No Clarity

Until now the start of the MotoGP 2020 is still unclear. It is possible that the start of the MotoGP 2020 can only begin in August 2020. If this happens then there are only 10 races that can be held in the 2020 season.

As previously reported that the inaugural MotoGP 2020 series which will be held on March 8, 2020 at the Losail Qatar International Circuit was canceled. Not only that, the next four series have also been delayed and will be moved to the end of the season, this is due to the corona virus outbreak.

This situation causes the inaugural series of MotoGP 2020 to be held in May 2020. Consequently, the three races planned to be held in May 2020 will also be delayed. Not only that, the next four races scheduled for June – July 2020 will suffer the same fate and possibly be held in August 2020.

If this is true then the new MotoGP 2020 can be held at the Brno Circuit, the Czech Republic, on the 9th August 2020. Paolo Ciabatti said that with the start of the 2020 MotoGP World Championship series in August 2020 it could provide enough time to hold 12 series of races until the end of the season, something he judged to be quite good.


About the Future in MotoGP, Dovizioso Does Not Have a Clear Plan
Andrea Dovizioso racer from the Mission Team Winnow Ducati, said that until now he still does not have a clear plan about his future career in the world of MotoGP grand prix motor racing which has the highest caste in the motor racing event.

The Dovizioso contract which is part of the Ducati manufacturing team will be completed at the end of the 2020 MotoGP season. However, the Ducati has not given a signal whether the contract will be extended or not.

In response to this Dovizioso commented that many factors have influenced his future in MotoGP. Therefore, Desmodovi – Dovizioso’s nickname is not sure what steps he will take related to his future career.

Dovizioso considers that the fight for the 2020 MotoGP Champion involved 4 racers
The driver of the Winnow Ducati Mission Team, Andrea Dovizioso, believes that the fight for the 2020 MotoGP world title will be even more fierce. He predicts there are at least four racers who will color the fight in the race for the title this season.

Some racers are already predicted to appear impressive in the 2020 MotoGP season. This prediction is based on their brilliant performances last season and from the results of the 2020 MotoGP preseason tests.

Call it Alex Rins, Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo are the names of MotoGP riders in the 2020 season who are able to perform neatly by recording the best time in the preseason tests held in February.

With these results, it can certainly be an important provision for the drivers in undergoing the race this season. Therefore Dovizioso believes that the fight for the 2020 MotoGP world title will take place far more difficult than the previous season.


Impact of Corona Virus on the MotoGP Race Series 2020
Pit Beirer – KTM Motorsport Director, assessed that Dorna as the organizer of MotoGP must think realistically in seeing the current situation regarding the unclear MotoGP 2020 schedule due to the pandemic of the corona virus.

Carmelo Ezpeleta – CEO of Dorna, is determined to hold the complete MotoGP 2020 race series when the corona virus outbreak has subsided. But until now there has been no signal that the race can be held soon. In fact, the Jerez MotoGP series which was previously scheduled for May 3 was officially postponed.

Beirer believes that the 2020 MotoGP schedule is very reasonable and easier when all series are held in Europe. Given the countries in other continents such as Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Qatar still prohibit the arrival of European tourists.

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